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    Forest nursery Boibel produces a wide variety of forest, ornamental and environmental plant in various formats and sizes.

    The chestnut Castanea hybrid or x coudercii, is our most prized product, as we produce more than 30 clones suitable for producing wood, fruit or rootstocks and resistant to cinnamon root rot. (Phytophthora cinnamomi)...


Boibel Forestal was born in 1992 launched by a group of young Galician engineers trained in various scientific and technical areas related to forestry and agricultural sector. They decided to start a business initiative that develops three branches of the forestry sector.

Ornamental plant and tree nursery - Forest Services - Engineering Services.

With a great deal of enthusiasm, hard work and being the premise of their actions “a job well done", in a few years, Boibel has achieved recognition among professionals and industrial users and customers of this sector, as a forest service and an engineering company and as a nursery.

Hybrid Chestnut.

Nordmann fir.