Abies nordmanniana

One of the major productions of ornamental plants in our nursery is Caucasian Fir or Abies nordmanniana a large fir native of Eastern Europe and Asia Minor, highly valued for use as a Christmas tree and gardening.

It has a nice bright green foliage and brown-reddish buds in winter. The cones are cylindrical and erect over than 14 cm, with visible resin exudations.

The Caucasian fir enjoys a greater appreciation for use as a Christmas tree than other species such as genus Picea (Picea Abies), due to its abundant and attractive foliage, for its acicular with blunt tips instead of sharp and ones which do not fall off the branch s with the high temperatures homes have during the Christmas season.

In addition, it is also highly valued in gardening for its perfect conical shape, and symmetry in the arrangement of branches in each whirl, which seems almost unreal.

The Abies nordmanniana is a slow-growing conifer, needing an average stay in nursery of 6 years for sale as an ornamental or Christmas tree, with an average size between 80 and 150 cm.

Boibel Forest sells its firs always live (felling is not applicable for sale), presenting them well with their lump (root + ground) or pot, so taking the appropriate care survival is assured.